Saturday, November 14, 2009

Flower Clip - Light Pink/White

Hair Bow Holder "Letter A" Purple

You Can Choose Any Letter and Color Scheme that You Need

Flower Clip - Light Purple with Dark Purple Polka Dots

Flower Clip - Eggplant with White Polka Dots

Flower Clip - Black/Purple

Flower Clip - Black/White with Monogrammed Letter

Any Letter You Choose Can Be Used

Flower Clip - Pink/White with Black Polka Dots

Flower Clip - Pink Black Polka Dot

Flower Clip - Hot Pink/Light Pink

Hair Bow Holder "My Bows" Black/Purple/Lime Green

Hair Bow Holder "Kaylie" Brown/Pink

Hair Bow Holder "Joslyn" Brown/Pink

Hair Bow Holder "Abagail" Light Pink/Light Purple

Hair Bow Holder "Bella" Hot Pink/Zebra Striped